More Liberal D&C Bias

Is it anything but their inherent commie-pinko third-column leftism that caused the D&C to write a story about a 92 year-old postal worker right after Louise Slaughter broke her leg? He’s ten years older than Louise and still going strong.

Seriously, though, the story is worth a read. This guy’s energy is amazing.

Making Lemonade

Louise Slaughter gave one of her usual gee-whiz, aw-shucks performances at her news conference today, as documented by 13-WHAM’s Sean Carroll.

“I had my first campaign poster made,” Rep. Slaughter joked at Tuesday’s media availability.  “It says cast your vote for Louise Slaughter; a leg up on the competition.”

The only real news out of the event was that Louise plans to be back at work at the beginning of May, and that she’s receiving experimental treatment at Strong Hospital, using a drug approved for osteoporosis that also may speed healing of fractures in older people.

Louise Breaks Her Leg

Louise Slaughter broke her leg today while visiting New York City. She’ll miss the STOCK act signing ceremony tomorrow, but her office says she’ll be back to work when Congress re-convenes on April 16.

The implications for this and the issue of Slaughter’s health are obvious. According to Dr. Google, broken legs take about two months to heal. Presumably in an 82 year-old, that’s the minimum amount of time it will take before she’s back to normal.

Morning News

The New York Times has a House race overview out. Nothing new, other than a terrible picture of Kathy Hochul and the news-to-me view that Dan Maffei is an “aggressive campaigner”.

Speaking of Hochul, it looks like there’s going to be a real fight in the Republican primary in her district. State Senator George Maziarz just endorsed David Bellavia, the opponent of establishment Republican and former Erie County Exec Chris Collins. I’ve explained earlier why Bellavia’s presence in a neighboring race that bleeds into the Rochester media market is bad news for Maggie Brooks.