About This Blog

About Roc25

This is a campaign blog about New York’s new 25th Congressional District, which encompasses Rochester and most of the rest of Monroe County.  The goal of this blog is to provide news, analysis and a roundup of media coverage of the 2012 race.

About Rottenchester

Rottenchester is the pen name of a resident of the new 25th who enjoys his privacy.  He previously ran a campaign blog for the 29th Congressional District called The Fighting 29th.

Rottenchester is a registered Democrat who attempts to keep the reporting on Roc25 “fair and balanced”, whatever that means.

You can contact me via email:  rottenchester — at — gmail — dot — com.

I tweet sporadically @rottenchester

About Clarke Condé

Clarke Condé is a photographer who literally wrote the book on Work in Rochester.

He has served in high positions in lowly political campaigns and organizations across the political spectrum.

You can contact Clarke via email:  Clarke – at – Condephotography – dot – com.