Assini: Teaching Kids About Evolution and Global Warming is Like Hitler Youth Indoctrination

The wayback machine is not kind to Mark Assini. Here’s a taste:

A disturbing movement exists to indoctrinate students to politically correct thinking. This movement resembles the Hitler Youth activities in pre World War IIGermany. The Hitler Youth were taught, trained and recruited to be future members of the Nazi Party. The Hitler Youth were viewed as future Aryan supermen and were indoctrinated into believing in ant-Semitism.


If you are a parent and don’t buy into the theory of Global Warming – well tough beans! Global Warming is being taught as fact by those that believe man is the main factor in climate change. Guilt is being pushed on students in the classroom for the “incorrect” choices of America. Students are being told how evil we are and how wrong America is on the issue of Global Warming.

Another recent example involves the fierce battle that has waged to eliminate Intelligent Design from being taught in the class room as a balance to the Theory of Evolution.

Assini wrote this when he was blogging at Bob Lonsberry’s “Writers on the Loose” site. He no longer blogs there, but, as with all things on the Internet, it’s archived for all to see. This is via a Huffington Post story on Assini’s run.

3 thoughts on “Assini: Teaching Kids About Evolution and Global Warming is Like Hitler Youth Indoctrination

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  2. I’m glad to see that the new election year has led to a resurrection of sorts for this site. I’m not so glad to think that your posts may be slanted in favor of Mrs. Slaughter.

    I think your post is rather unfair and certainly one-sided. Mark Assini did, many years ago, write about teachers using techniques which he compared to the indoctrination efforts of Hitler Youth officials. Maybe that was a comparison he should have thought better of.

    Mrs. Slaughter, however, went much farther, much more recently, when she spoke at a women’s health rally in April, 2011. She indicated that Republicans were coming to Washington to “kill women” and she stated that a provision in a GOP sponsored bill which would require proof of health risk for women seeking an abortion was “like an old German Nazi movie…show me your papers”. Here’s a link to the video .

    Perhaps we could agree that references to Nazi’s are usually not a good idea. But let’s also agree that Mr. Assini did not add violent rhetoric (i.e.,GOP wants to “kill women”) to his reference. I hope that this site will be a place where discussion focuses on real issues facing the district, rather than political tripe.

    Full disclosure: I work with Mr. Assini and fully support his candidacy for Congress

  3. The difference, John, is that Rep. Slaughter makes those remarks in the light of day and doesn’t run away from them. Your candidate and colleague purged those remarks from that site in an attempt to obscure his rather crackpot view of an indoctrination that doesn’t exist in public schools, his creationism, and his global warming denialism.

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