The Tale of Two Campaigns

ROCHESTER, NY- County Executive Maggie Brooks briefly sits with a mother and small child for the cameras after a press conference at the library. Photo by Clarke Condé.

HENRETTA, NY- Congresswoman Louise Slaughter was scheduled to personally open a conference on trade policy at RIT, but is still not making public appearances. Photo by Clarke Condé.

ROCHESTER, NY- While there has been little public display of the campaign for the NY-25, two events today may offer a glimpse of what we are likely to see this autumn. As Congresswoman Louise Slaughter continues what staffers say is a four-hour daily regiment of physical therapy, her office continued to delve into national issues, including today’s U.S. trade policy conference at R.I.T without the Congresswoman. On the flipside, County Executive Brooks has cut every ribbon, announced every partnership and opened every dog park she could over the last few months in front of the camera, today kicking off the Monroe County Summer Reading program at the Central Library.

Thus far, not a peep has been peeped from the Brooks camp on a national issue and nary has a Slaughter been sighted from the Slaughter side.  The fundraising, of course, continues at a blistering pace, helped on both sides by Brooks recently being named to the GOP’s “Young Guns’ list of the top 21 blue to red campaigns.

So what of strategy as the coffers swell?  Will we see Slaughter stay focused on national issues and surrogates?  Will Brooks stick to local issues and retail politics?  And what will the massive amounts of money and brilliant out-of-town operatives that seem to follow such cash ad to the campaign?

Wait until August is what I keep hearing.