Non-Denial Denial

YNN has dueling statements from Brooks and Slaughter on the rape comments Here’s Slaughter:

Maggie Brooks has been deliberately hiding her anti-choice views from the public during this campaign, and has repeatedly aligned herself with some of the most conservative voices in Washington who have tried to strip women of their health care rights and redefine rape to satisfy their radical ideologies. The only thing we really know about Maggie Brooks is that she’s willing to take money from any right-wing group that will try to buy her a seat in Congress.

This is Brooks:

Louise Slaughter should be ashamed of this outrageous and dishonest attack on Maggie Brooks’ character. It’s sad to see Louise bring her hyper-partisan brand of Washington politics to our community. The voters of Monroe County know and trust Maggie and her record of protecting taxpayers, and won’t be fooled by Louise’s dirty tricks.

That statement says nothing about Brooks’ position on “forcible rape” or the rape exemption for abortion in general, so we’re left to assume that Brooks doesn’t want to talk about it. When a campaign resorts to “I’m rubber, you’re glue”, it’s because they don’t want to address the underlying issue, and that’s clearly what’s going on here.

2 thoughts on “Non-Denial Denial

  1. Are you really suggesting that Maggie should have a “position” on idiotic remarks made by a Republican candidate from Missouri? Why not ask Louise if she supports the idiotic and race-baiting comments made by the Vice-President?

    I thought you were a serious political commentator. Are you instead one of the many desperate partisans who hope to sway public opinion with irrelevant BS?

    • Akin called some rape “legitimate” and he said that women have a biological process that prevents pregnancy during legitimate rape. Maggie has a position on those remarks – she issued a press release about them. So I’m not asking for her position on that, since it’s already been offered.

      What I’m asking is her position on a bill that was introduced in the current session of the House, HR 3, that made a distinction between “forcible” rape and other kinds of rape for purposes of federal funding of abortion rights. This language was co-sponsored by163 Republicans, including Paul Ryan. That’s the distinction Slaughter is talking about in her press release, and it’s the one Brooks won’t discuss. The reason I didn’t go into a long explanation of it is because I posted on it here ( a day before this post was written. Asking Brooks whether she would have sponsored a bill isn’t desperate partisanship, it’s legitimate politics.

      Maybe you were confused about the words “forcible” versus “legitimate”, which is entirely understandable because they are both very offensive to women, and therefore something Brooks might want to address instead of calling names in her press releases.

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