Here’s a Question for Maggie

Maggie was indeed very quick to condemn Akin’s statement, but what about Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republicans in the House who co-sponsored a bill containing language referring to “forcible” rape, language that was removed only after an intense media firestorm. Does Maggie, like Paul Ryan, think that Congress should draw a distinction between forcible rape and other kinds of rape when it comes to abortion? Or does she condemn that?

By the way, this is apparently the “lie” that Brooks is referring to, from a Slaughter fundraising letter:

My “pro-life” opponent has continued to take tens of thousands of dollars and endorsements from those attacking women’s health, including Paul Ryan who has been working with Rep. Akin to redefine rape this entire Congress.

Ryan co-sponsored the bill with the original language. Maggie “applauded” the choice of Congressman Ryan. Maggie got money from at least three of the co-sponsors of the forcible rape bill (Roskum, Grimm and Sam Johnson on the last fundraising report). Where’s the lie here?