CSEA Video

The CSEA, which is a AFSCME chapter representing State of New York workers, has released this video encouraging everybody to ask if Maggie Brooks is campaigning on Monroe County’s dime. Of course, the same question could be asked of Louise Slaughter, who will also be doing her day job while running for Congress.

The difference between Maggie and Louise is that Louise must follow the rules set out in a 400-page House ethics manual [pdf]. If CSEA wants to make this an issue, one way to do it would be to find the Monroe County ethics rules and tell us how Maggie could be violating them. I can’t find the ethics standards on the County’s website, even though a new ethics training program was announced with much fanfare shortly after the ROBUTRAD scandal broke. Perhaps the CSEA could FOIL that manual and let us all know what it says.