Clutch My Pearls, Maggie Brooks Goes Negative

The top ad is the sunshine and roses ad that Maggie Brooks released earlier this month, accompanied by the fanfare of a press release.

Be sure you have your smelling salts handy before you watch the bottom ad, because it is the kind of ad that Maggie’s campaign manager was calling “negative, divisive, and deceitful”. It is a bog-standard anti-incumbent ad, highlighting the number of times Slaughter voted for a House pay raise, and calling out every time that Slaughter voted to raise taxes (one of the votes was in 1993, so Maggie really revs up the wayback machine in this ad). As with Louise’s ad highlighting the issues in Maggie’s tenure as County Executive, these are for the most part all facts, except when Brooks characterizes cap and trade as a massive tax hike, which is false.

3 thoughts on “Clutch My Pearls, Maggie Brooks Goes Negative

  1. First visit to this website (used to visit Fighting 29th) and I am shocked at the low number of responses. Are people in Rochester not as engaged in politics as the folks in the southern tier?

    • A good part of the reason is that I don’t update this blog the way I did the Fighting 29th. I just don’t find this race as interesting.

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